No two stones are alike so you will have to trust that your stone does choose you. However two options are offered at point of sale – a Seyonstone Singletone or a Seyonstone Speckletone.

There is no limit to the sorts of questions you can ask your stone. Here are some ideas.

Should I get a dog?  Does my crush like me back?  Will I become a millionaire? Will we be able to go to Greece? Should I leave my job? Am I good looking? Does my husband love me…..? Is my brother the favorite? Should I go to yoga?

Too prevent damage avoid tossing your stone above hard surfaces. Use a drop of essential oil rubbed over stone to enhance its colour.

Each Seyonstone comes with a 100 % biodegradable flat packed gift box. The box is simple to assemble.    

Whimsical and functional - I use it to help decide on Netflix movies!

Sourced in Western Southland of New Zealand.

These argillite stones are hard and resilient they will last more than a lifetime.

One of my favorite pastimes is beach combing - finding that perfect stone and carrying it in your pocket. My Seyonstone gives the same special feeling - with benefits. Love it!

I gave Dad a Seyonstone , he loved it and when he read the blurb on the box he said... Hallelujah thats the story!

I don’t even flip it. I just hold it. It’s calming, something that fits perfectly in your hand - and you already know your answer. The Seyonstone just allows you to listen.


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New Zealand