Philippa O'Brien

Artist, photographer, film crew

Hi, I'm Philippa

Both my conceptual work and environmental portraiture involve costume and props. International fabrics of silk and chiffon, fans, high heels and headdresses filled my childhood dress up box, and shaped my future as a costume stylist in film.

The language of costume, part functional, part personal – feature in my work as an Art Photographer.

My Photography



New Zealand was the first country outside the USA to pick up the sport and since the first bout between leagues in 2007, roller derby has seen incredible growth here. Over 40 leagues now actively play the sport in New Zealand.

Skateface is the product of five years spent visiting leagues throughout the country and photographing skaters on a medium-format Hasselblad film camera. What started as a project for O’Brien’s Diploma in Photography, ended up as a conceptual series documenting a critical point in the evolution of roller derby.

It is a tool for indecision. Ask the SEYONSTONE a question and TOSS IT for an outcome.

How you feel about something becomes clear when the options halve.