Animalia Familia

Family Portrait Service

Welcome to a photographic family portrait service in the form of an interactive, performance-based experience in your home. By adopting a convenient, safe and comfortable environment for your family to engage within, the Animalia Familia experience is a fun thing to do while creating a distinctive photographic memory.
The outcome is a conceptualized art photograph made in your home - an image that fits within the home decor because it is made in that environment. A unique experience is guaranteed for all participants, with the resulting high quality shot on medium-format BLACK AND WHITE FILM providing a lasting record of your time together.

How it works

Selecting a site in your home as a performance area, usually the lounge, furniture is carefully rearranged to make a place to photograph and perform within. Portable lights are set up to light this staged area.

Children, if any, are given the option of face-painting, dressing up in simple costumes and/or using props to encourage a playful atmosphere. Parents and adults within the group are invited to make themselves comfortable with the scene and to simply let the performance take its course. Pets are encouraged to participate, if desired.

The Process

The picture-making part usually takes less than 45 minutes, with preparation of the scene, set-up of lights, the dressing up included as part of the experience as I get to know your family, working with you to create the photograph.

The service is divided into stages, providing you with a choice of spending options:

— The performance/filming experience plus screen-resolution images of the final edit.

— Prints offered in Standard sizes.

— Custom prints and Film Strip Options.

Gallery of Work