It’s a stone with the word YES engraved on one side and NO on the other.

It is a tool for indecision. Ask the SEYONSTONE a question and TOSS IT for an outcome.

How you feel about something becomes clear when the options halve.

How you act on it … 

Why a Seyonstone?

I have used my stone in times of uncertainty. In fun and silly moments.

For relationship or career decisions.

When I over think!

Seyonstones can create spontaneous interactions and maybe resolve disagreements.

I carry it in my pocket, and sometimes I let it tell me what path to take. My Seyonstone reminds me to keep things simple.

A useful keepsake and enduring gift.

To sit amongst collected treasures or tucked away in that hiding place for you.

Sourced in Western Southland of New Zealand.

These argillite stones are hard and resilient they will last more than a lifetime.

The origin.

The word Seyon is the combination of the two words yes and no.

My original stone became a valuable tool for revealing true feelings.

Friends were curious and wanted one so I began the process of creating more.

No two stones are alike so…

Your Seyonstone will choose you.

Either a speckled stone or a single tone.

Throw this stone and know that the Universe wants only
the best for you!

I use the Seyonstone to navigate the housing market! Throwing the stone helped me see my true feelings. At times it said no I realized I wanted yes - or vice versa. It's not about being told what to do, more a way to tap into intuition. If I don't feel strongly either way, I leave it up to the stone rather than staying indecisive and stuck.


Oxford Art Gallery
14 Oxford Street
Kingston, OTAGO
New Zealand